Dynamic v Static Stretching - How to stretch to get results

One of the questions I'm often asked by my clients is whether dynamic stretching or static stretching is more effective. The problem is, there's no straightforward answer.Muscles that are flexible are less likely to sustain an injury from tension related problems. Static stretching can be an important part of your mobility-increasing routine, helpi...
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How focusing on mobility in bodybuilding can keep you injury free

Picking up an injury is any athlete's worst nightmare. Not only can it stunt your progress as you have t o scale back (or stop) training, it can also be extremely painful. In many cases sustaining an injury will interfere with your everyday activities such as walking, lifting and even just resting. Through y ears of lifting heavy weights , I've lea...
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10 ways to lose fat in 30 days....

Christmas may be a distant memory but those extra inches don ' t disappear so quickly. Getting the body you want may be a long-term project, but in just one month you can start to lose body fat and take the first steps towards a leaner, more athletic look – If you know how. I help my clients to achieve the figure they want, whether it ' s getting b...
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5 reasons you should build a strong core

When I ask people what muscle groups they want to work on, the answers are often predictable. Women tend to opt for better glutes whilst m en invariably choose to bulk up those shoulders or add definition to that chest. Sometimes a client will be wanting that holy-grail, the six-pack. If it's just aesthetics you're after, you're missing a key eleme...
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